Ben Hillman

Reel (2015)


Ben Hillman is a film maker, designer, writer and illustrator who loves subatomic particles and Betty Boop. Ben's works on multifarious projects across all media except for macramé and Etch-A-Sketch.

Here are some of his film projects

Ben made millions of animated sperm explode onto the screen in Spike Lee's film "She Hate Me." these sperm shots combine mixed media of live action, 2D and 3D animation.

Ben's animated short "Cup-O-Abominations," which raced its way through the festival circuit, was featured on the UK’s Channel 4. Taken straight out of the Book of Revelation, "Cup-O-Abominations" makes the Whore of Babylon come deliciously to life. "Cup-O-Abominations" took the prize for Best Animation at the Honolulu Underground Film Festival as well as garnering awards in Belgium, Canada and the USA.


Ben's independent animation "Nietzsche Pops" was screened on Bravo and the Independent Film Channel and was aired on MTV's Liquid Television, PBS, La Sept Arte and Kanal 4. Featured in over 40 film festivals around the world, "Nietzsche Pops" has won numerous awards including the Cine Golden Eagle in Washington DC, and First Prize in the Philadelphia International Film Festival and the New Orleans Film Festival.

Ben's short "Evolution Made Us All" -- an inspirational hymn to science, went viral (as well as bacterial and fungal), receiving over 130,000 views worldwide.

"Bomb Squad" - an animated musical feature about the gang who made the atomic bomb. Currently in preproduction.

"Bach of the Antarctic", a live-action short shot entirely on location, documents the discovery of the Seventh Continent by none other than Johann Sebastian Bach. Some may doubt its veracity but Peter Schickele was "amazed and amused.

In addition, Ben has written and illustrated several picture books including "The Devil Ate My Blintzes" (Waterfront Press) and "That Pesky Toaster" (The Walt Disney Company). He also conceived, wrote and designed a series of four pictorial science books for children published by Scholastic.: "How Big Is It?", "How Strong Is It?", "How Fast Is It?" and "How Weird Is It?." Publisher's Weekly calls them "so freakin' cool.”  Ben’s freakin’ cool too!