Danny WArd

Highlighters (Pilot)



Born in Detroit and aged in New York, Danny has made a name for himself around the world as a writer and director. At seven, he sat his parents down and informed them he’d decided he would be a director when he grew up. His parents, then, began his grooming in film - lessons on the classics, summer workshops shooting on 8 and 16 mm cameras, and daily writing challenges. Even his first job, which he took at 12, was working at his home town's one-screen cinema. Danny is currently in pre-production on his feature film, Cleveland., starring Liam Aiken, Amber Tamblyn, Lucy Fry, and more; his sitcom pilot, Highlighters, which he produced while living in Sweden, is available online now; he recently became the Consulting Director and Program Partner to the Power of One Program, which guides non-actors and writers thru a 9-month life transformative journey of self-realization as they create, write and perform their own solo-performance show; he directed the first three episodes of Living Thru The Lens, a new web-series now featured on Funny or Die; and he has been selected as one of the 154 directors to be a part of the Sonnet Project NY and will be releasing his short film based on Sonnet 111 in Spring of 2016. More than anything, Danny considers himself a storyteller. He loves looking into people and finding their real story, then finding the best and most honest way of telling it.